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Grandfather passes away it’s that easy to catch

grandfather passes away its that easy to catch 2
grandfather passes away its that easy to catch 2

Amy decided she would meet her friends, she was bored at home and none of them had symptoms.
She took a card with her to post to her grandfather for his birthday, he’s 78.
She passed the card to Laura to hold, Laura had a bit of a cough but nothing much.
While she was out, her sister, Amanda (a care worker) spotted her and made her get in the car to go home, they posted grandads card on the way.
When she got home, she argued with her mum Elaine. Who was so cross because as a nurse, she needed to trust Amy to do the right thing and be safe.
They hugged and made friends.

15 days later:
Amy’s grandad has started coughing and Amy feels under the weather.
Amanda and Elaine are off work because they are self isolating.
Laura has been really poorly for two weeks and is just starting to get over it but now all her family have it.

21 days later, Amy’s grandad is critically ill on a ventilator, Amanda has severe symptoms and Elaine is very poorly.
The care home that Amanda works at now has three cases.
Elaine’s ward is struggling because there are at least 3 members of staff self isolating.

28 days later, grandad didn’t pull through and can’t have a funeral right now because his family are ill. Amanda’s underlying symptoms mean she has been in hospital for the last few days.
The care home has lost 6 patients, staff numbers are down and cases are rising. Elaine’s ward is still struggling and Elaine still can’t help.
The pharmacist Elaine stopped at on her way home from work has said they have 2 cases.
The people in the queue with Amanda at Aldi are also Ill.

Stay home or more people will die.