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Eighteen wanted for violence and disorder over Hackney Police attack

eighteen wanted for violence and disorder over hackney police attack
eighteen wanted for violence and disorder over hackney police attack

Detectives investigating disorder at an unlicensed music event in Hackney are appealing to identify a number of people suspected of being involved in violence and disorder.


Unlicensed music events are illegal. They are unsafe at a time when COVID 19 is still a very real threat to us all.

Last night (Friday, 17 July), from 11:00pm, police received a significant number of calls from local residents who were upset and scared at an unlicensed music event that was happening on the Woodberry Down Estate in Hackney.


The MPS have a responsibility to keep the communities of London safe. Last night, officers attended and attempted to engage and encourage the crown to leave the area. Whilst a few did, many in the crowd remained and became hostile and violent.


A Dispersal Zone was authorised under s35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, which gives police the power to ask people to leave the area, with a power of arrest if people refuse to leave or return.


Only after the engagement and encouragement did not work, specially trained public order officers entered the estate to disperse the group. Regrettably they were met with further hostility and violence.


Items including canisters, bottles and a bicycle were thrown at police.

Two officers suffered injuries. One was taken to hospital having sustained bruising to his ribs. He has since been discharged. The other officer sustained a leg injury but was able complete the remainder of his duty.

Two males, aged 18 and 19, were arrested; one for violent disorder and obstruction and the latter for obstruction. They remain in custody.

All those in attendance were cleared from the area by around 04:00hrs, but only after a significant amount of violence and harm had been caused.

Detectives have been analysing CCTV, body worn video from officers, as well as footage which has been circulated on social media.

There are eight people detectives wish to speak to, and their images are below. These people are suspected to have been involved in violence and disorder against the public and police officers and within the communities where residents had called us for help.

These are part of an ongoing investigation and there is a high likelihood we will be circulating further images in due course.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi said: “Officers responded to calls from residents concerned about a large and noisy gathering near their homes, and they were worried about anti-social behaviour and violence. The violence and disorder they experienced is totally unacceptable as is the fear we know is generated among the local community. The MPS has been clear that we will always support communities by closing such events as we are not prepared for local residents to be subjected to this type of behaviour.

“In this case the irresponsible actions of the organiser of this unlawful event led to injuries to our officers. It also puts everyone who attends at risk – be that from COVID 19, or being in an environment that has led to violence. I appeal to everyone to strongly discourage their friends and family from attending these events for the simple reason that they are not safe.

“We have seen an increase in unlicensed music events which, as well as being very disruptive to communities and irresponsible in terms of posing an increased risk of COVID 19 transmission, they have in some cases led to violence which affects both those attending and the officers who have to shut them down as well as causing fear and anxiousness in local communities who we help and protect.

“We’ve reviewed CCTV footage and officers’ body worn video and have released these images to ask the people of London to help us identify them and keep their communities safe. It is all our responsibility to care for our communities, and that includes helping the MPS when people have been involved in criminality.

“We’ve also re-released images of people we have previously appealed to identify following other recent unlicensed music events. These investigations are continuing, and we wish to trace those people who we believe have been involved in violence and disorder.

“Officers will continue to patrol this weekend in increased numbers to keep communities safe. They will be talking and listening with local communities, but will also be using tactics such as stop and search if lawfully appropriate to ensure we continue to tackle the violence that is sadly causing significant harm and loss to families across London. Those who go to unlicensed music events are putting themselves, their families and their communities at risk. I urge anyone considering attending an event like this to re-think their plans.

“Officers will be out across London, responding to calls from residents and closing these events down, and they will arrest anyone suspected of criminal offences.”

Anyone who recognises any of these individuals is asked to call 02082469386 and quote ref CAD 322/18Jul.