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Don’t fool foul of TV license scam

dont fool foul of tv license scam
dont fool foul of tv license scam

A new scam has been uncovered which is attempting to trick users that pay for the BBC’s TV licence into handing over personal details. Here’s what to watch out for and how to avoid this latest threat.

Households with a BBC TV Licence should be on high alert after a shock new scam has been discovered. The latest threat arrives in the form of a very official-looking email which claims to be from TV Licensing. The message states the users’ account could not be updated due to a declined Direct Debit with them then having a limited time to renew their licence before it expires.

Those receiving the note are urged to pay the £11.90 overdue balance to make sure their account is up to date.

It’s unclear what happens once the link to the payment page is clicked but it’s likely scammers will then use this information for their own financial reward.

Although the message looks very authentic there are some glaring errors which should instantly raise alarm bells.


Firstly, it’s not addressed to a unique name with a ‘Dear Customer’ phrase used instead.

TV Licensing says they will always address their correspondence to the licence holder directly and never refer to anyone in such a generic way.


There’s also no specific licence number attached to the message and there’s a disparity with the two dates mentioned in the message not matching up.