Breaking Chatham KENT

A car park stabbing which left a man with serious stomach injuries has led to the offender being jailed for four years



George Oladosu stabbed the victim in a Strood car park after first approaching him inside a supermarket.


The 27-year-old, of Melville Court, Chatham, admitted grievous bodily harm with intent and was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday 20 January 2021.


The serious assault took place after Oladosu entered the Asda supermarket in Strood High Street at around 8.30pm on Saturday 7 November 2020.


Once inside, CCTV cameras captured him approaching the victim at the self-service checkouts and grabbing him, in an attempt to escort him outside.


The victim, a man in his 20s,  eventually left the building with Oladosu and the pair continued to speak in the car park. During this conversation, the offender struck at him several times, causing a stab wound.


Upon being stabbed, the victim ran back into the store to seek assistance from members of staff. He was then taken to hospital where he was treated for serious stomach injuries.


Oladosu left the scene but his image had clearly been captured on several different security cameras.


Following a review of the footage, Oladosu was identified as the offender by detectives and found at a property in Canterbury three days later. 


He was promptly charged with the offence and has been remanded in custody since.


Police Constable Ben Slocombe, Kent Police’s investigating officer for the case, said: ‘The violence Oladosu inflicted upon the victim was brutal and clearly pre-meditated.


‘There can be no doubt that his intention was to cause the most harm possible and this fact is proven by his willingness to take a knife to the scene, the repetitive strikes he aimed at the victim and his decision to follow the injured victim back into the supermarket before leaving when it was clear there were too many people around.


‘As a force, we have no tolerance for any individual who thinks it appropriate to carry a knife, let alone use it on another person.


‘We will always take the most robust, but proportionate, action against an offender – as shown by the speed in which we were able to secure a charge and his immediate placement in custody.


‘I am pleased we have secured justice for the victim and that Oladosu is no longer able to cause further harm.’