Speeding motorists have received fines following a road safety operation in the Medway towns


During the operation, three drivers were fined for speeding, with the highest speed recorded being 57mph in a 30mph zone. These motorists also had their licence endorsed with three points each.


A fourth driver was also stopped and given a £100 fine for not wearing a seatbelt.


As part of the operation, which took place in New Road, Chatham, and City Way, Rochester, on 18 January 2021, a total of 37 drivers were stopped.


The highest speed recorded was being 57mph in a 30mph zone.


During the operation, which also involved patrols from Kent Police Tactical Operations Unit and the Road Safety Unit, a car was also seized for no insurance and the driver reported for summons.


Inspector Steve Bassett, from the Medway Community Safety Unit said: ‘To keep road users safe we carry out operations, such as these, throughout the year and these particular roads were targeted after concerns of poor driving were raised.


‘The majority of motorists in Medway drive in full accordance of the Highway Code but those who don’t put other roads users, and themselves, at risk of serious harm.


‘As is always the case for any incident, we determined the most proportionate course of action when we stopped the drivers and several motorists are now facing enforcement action.’