Breaking Chatham KENT MEDWAY

A drug dealer who used the flat of a vulnerable woman as a base in Chatham has been jailed



Courtney Miller-Cross denied two counts of possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and heroin and one count of acquiring criminal property but was found guilty of the charges following a trial at Maidstone Crown Court which concluded on 11 February 2021.


The 22-year-old of Bell Green, London, was sentenced to five years and four months in jail on 22 February.


The jury heard how Miller-Cross had been arrested by officers on 27 May 2020 after he was found inside a property in Magpie Hall Road, Chatham.


Miller-Cross identified the woman as being vulnerable and coerced her into letting him use her property as a base to supply drugs and when officers searched it they found a large quantity of cash as well as packages of crack cocaine and heroin.


After being charged he denied the offences and was sent for trial at Maidstone Crown Court.


During the trial he claimed he had been forced to sell the drugs on behalf of a group of people and was in fear of his life, however his defence was not believed by the jury who after a two week trial found him guilty of the charges. 




Investigating officer PC John Carless said: ‘Miller-Cross used the home of the woman in order to supply drugs into Medway. This was a clear case of cuckooing in which a vulnerable individual was taken advantage of. He denied the charges against him and claimed he was forced to behave in the way he was, but a jury saw through this and he was found guilty.


‘His sentence reflects his criminality and I’m pleased he is no longer on the streets of Medway.’