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The Beautiful English Country House Frozen in Time

A man from Hampshire known as the Bearded Explorer has found an abandoned grade 1 listed manor house, after finding a way in he shows the amazing beauty of the abandoned manor house in all its glory.

The amazing countryside views are seen from the top of the building.

The building that’s been left derelict since around 2012 still has books dating back to the early 1940s

Stained glass and handcrafted wooden sculptures on the stairs

This once-lived building has been empty for 9 years and locked in time with antique architecture throughout.

However, after spending around 3 hours in the building the Bearded Explorer and his friend were arrested for trespass.

But after pleading with police and explaining their intentions they were warned and de-arrested and asked to leave the area of the preserved protected listed building.

The Bearded Explorer said “It’s a risky thing to do but I have a lot of interest in old historic buildings and venues its really exciting to see the things that are left behind in places.

To experience a moment of how peoples once lived and what life was like, Some of the places I’ve visited has had all possessions left behind, it’s like they just got up one day and thought I want a new life and got up and left.

It was a scary experience when we got caught the police dogs were barking police were shouting it all got a bit intense within seconds. Thankfully the police were nice and let us explain why and what we were doing, they later dearrested us and allowed us to leave.