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Paying your Council Tax by Instalments this is a must read

Any day now (if you haven’t already done so) you will receive your council tax bill for 2021/22 and if you look at the monthly instalments due it’s more than likely that your ‘generous’ council has spread the payments over 10 months!
However, did you know that since April 2013 you are legally entitled to spread your payments over 12 months making the burden a little easier?
Unfortunately, most councils are reluctant to tell you this and in some cases, they don’t even include anything in the ‘small print’ to tell you that you can do this!
Switching from 10 to 12 monthly payments is simple, just contact your council (address, email and phone number will be on your bill) ask them to re-issue your bill with payments spread over 12 months and not 10 months. As your council is legally obliged to do this you will receive an amended bill.
There’s no cost to switch and there’s no interest on your monthly payments too – it’s a no brainer!
You will need to act quickly as most councils have switching deadlines so do it as soon as you get your bill.
Please re-post this message on your social media pages including Facebook, so that everyone can take advantage of this little known law that councils would rather you didn’t know anything about!