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Former Royal marine still missing after nine months

It’s has been 9 months since their  lives were shattered when her husband John Ross Dick went missing. John was last seen in Dovercourt (Essex, UK) on 30th November 2020.

There  have had no confirmed sightings or calls or messages since then. It doesn’t seem enough to say it has been utter torture! 

If you have seen John or think you are helping him by keeping quiet, please get him to contact us to let us know he is ok.

John was under an enormous amount of stress in the run up to his disappearance but this is totally out of character! We are aware that Norfolk Police need to talk to him about an alleged assault that took place before he went missing but their main priority is ensuring that he is safe and getting him the help he needs and getting him home to his family. The whole situation is significantly more complex than the bits of information in the public domain but John is a good man who would do anything to protect his family or anyone he thought needed help.

John is a Royal Marine veteran of 13 years and has twice served his country. Please, we need your help to find him. We just want to know he is OK.

He knows people from all over the UK so please share nationwide and keep an eye out for him as he could be anywhere.

If you have any information please contact Norfolk Police on 101
If you know he is alive please contact us and Norfolk Police on 101

Please continue to share and look for this man and help me get this  man and home.

He doesn’t  deserve everything that has happened to him. He doesn’t deserve to feel that he can’t or shouldn’t come home. He is loved and everything can be dealt with – he just needs to make contact