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A HMP Swaleside inmate who threw excrement at a prison officer has been jailed for more than two years

An inmate who threw excrement at a prison officer has been sentenced to more than two years’ imprisonment.

Edward Highton threw the substance at a member of staff while he was residing at HMP Swaleside in September 2018.

CCTV clearly captured the offence in its entirety, with the footage showing Highton calmly leaving his cell and casually approaching the member of staff before throwing the item.

The 40-year-old pled guilty to administering a noxious substance with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy. He was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court to two years and three months’ imprisonment on Wednesday 1 September 2021.

At the time the offence was committed, Highton was serving an eight-and-a-half-year sentence for a robbery committed in Oxford in April 2010.

Detective Constable Matthew Robinson, Kent Police’s investigating officer for the case, said: ‘Highton has already spent a considerable part of his adult life in prison and this case shows that he remains incapable of displaying the most basic standards of respect and decency to other people.

‘The offence the victim of this case was subjected to was disgusting and degrading. Prison officers know that their position can expose them to unpredictable and challenging incidents, but that does not in any way provide an excuse for Highton’s intolerable behaviour.

‘We work closely with the prison service when staff are targeted in this manner and will always work to prosecute offenders.

‘I am pleased a new jail term has been imposed – it clearly demonstrates such offences will not be tolerated by us or the courts – and I hope the victim of the case feels a sense of justice being served.’