Breaking KENT Singlewell

A successful funding application by two PCSOs in Gravesend has helped to secure extra cash for a youth club

Singlewell PCSOs Maria Pereira and Shamar Appleby applied to Gravesham Council to request funding for a local community hub called ‘Strengthening Minds’ which is located on Warrior Avenue.

During their community work in the area they realised that there were not many activities available for young people to take part in which often led to boredom and potential anti-social behaviour.

The PCSOs applied for the funding from Gravesham Council’s Community Safety Unit and successfully secured £230 for the club.

PSCO Maria Pereira said: ‘The club offers an important space for young people in the community to come together, support one another and have fun.

‘The money is going to be put towards various items including buying new cutlery for their kitchen, a pool table and various craft activities so I’m really pleased that we have been able to obtain the extra funding for the club as it’s certainly going to be put to good use!’