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More than 50 people have been arrested as protests at an oil terminal enter a third day

Activists from Just Stop Oil have obstructed access to terminals across England since Friday, demanding an end to new oil and gas projects.
Warwickshire Police said officers remained at the scene in Kingsbury and were “working to bring the situation to a resolution as soon as possible”.
It said 54 people were being held on suspicion of a number of offences.
These include criminal damage, obstructing the highway and public order offences.
“We fully acknowledge every person’s right to engage in lawful protest, however, when that protest becomes unlawful and disproportionate in nature, we will act to protect the rights of others,” Assistant Chief Constable Ben Smith said.
“Due to the nature and scale of the policing operation, a large number of officers have been deployed over the last two days… I am hopeful the situation can be brought to a swift conclusion so my officers can return to protecting the communities of Warwickshire.
In Essex, two tunnels are still being occupied at Navigator and Gray’s Terminal. On Saturday, the county’s police force said 83 people had arrested after protests in the Thurrock area.
Seven other facilities also continue to be disrupted near London and in the West Midlands.
The arrests come after activists from Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion obstructed 10 fuel sites in the Midlands and southern England in the early hours of Friday to stand against “expanding UK oil and gas production”.
Protesters glued themselves on to roads and locked on to oil drums and each other.
ExxonMobil UK, one of the country’s largest privately-owned underground oil pipeline distribution networks, said it shut down three of its terminals as a result,
and police from at least five forces were deployed to tackle the demonstrations.
The Met arrested 14 activists who broke into a facility at Bedfont Road in Staines, Surrey, and West Midlands Police arrested six people at a terminal in Tyburn, Birmingham.