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TV’s first Traffic Cop retires

We are sadly saying goodbye to PC Tim Scothern, known within South Yorkshire Police (SYP) as ‘TV Tim’ for his famous appearances on the first Traffic Cops documentary.
Alongside his TV appearances between 2002 and 2012, Tim was well-known across the force for ‘having the knack’ to catch some of South Yorkshire’s most wanted criminals.
Leaving SYP after nearly three decades sees Tim take with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as leave lasting friendships and not to forget- phenomenal results.
To celebrate his service, we look back at his time in the force.
Tim joined South Yorkshire Police in 1992 as a probationary officer and joined the response team at Dinnington Station, Rotherham once he had completed his training.
A few short years later saw Tim join the Operational Support Unit (OSU) as a traffic officer, where he was able to shine and excel in creating safer roads and intercepting those who use the road network to commit crime.
It was within this role Tim was able to demonstrate that skills and capabilities roads policing officers had when staring in Traffic Cops on BBC1 and interceptors on Channel 5.
OSU’s Roads Policing Inspector Craig Clifton said: “Tim has been an icon to roads policing for decades and will be a sad loss to the team.
“Even in his last days with the force, he has fought to stay on the streets, getting directly involved with pursuit management and supporting the roads policing function with fantastic intelligence products.
“Only a couple of weeks ago Tim and I were sat with a stolen car when some of his fans came out for his autograph! Congratulations on your retirement Tim, keep the enthusiasm no matter what you do and good luck for the future.”
Having served majority of his career under the OSU, Superintendent Lydia Lynskey shares her wishes for Tim, she said: “During my time working with Tim it was no surprise to find that his enthusiasm has not waned and even on his approach to retirement he been as proactive as ever working tirelessly to bring offenders to justice and disrupt the organised crime groups that not only operate locally, but regionally around South Yorkshire.
“Personally I thank Tim and commend him for his 30 years’ of service and wish him every success in his future endeavours.”
Policing is a role like no other and strong friendships and partnerships are created.
Tim’s colleague PC Angela Selous reflected on losing her best friend while on duty, she said: “I have worked with Tim for about 15 years and he has been one of my best friends in the job.
“He has always been someone that I can be totally honest with about everything, even when we have had our arguments, he quite likes listening to girly chat, so he used to cop for the lot from me!
“I never really knew who this ‘Tim Scothern’ when I joined OSU, so to be honest I was a little dubious of this rather large character, so when I changed teams and worked with Tim the first thing he did was take me to Ecclesfield Police Station for a brew and we have been friends ever since.
“One thing I can say about Tim is that he has always had a knack for catching the bad guys but SYP will not for a minute be saving any money on the ink stocks as he could never find a pen when it mattered!”
Tim’s final working day is Thursday 5 May 2022.
Tim’s Supervisor DS Gareth Bryant said: “It was quite surreal for me when I become Tim’s supervisor 18-months-ago, as I, like many others, grew up watching him on Traffic Cops in the noughties.
“It is without a doubt watching police officers like Tim that inspired me to become one myself. Supervising Tim has been an absolute pleasure. Even with the countdown to his retirement fast approaching he has not taken his foot off the gas and continued to show genuine dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to apprehending criminals and making South Yorkshire and its roads a safer place for everyone.
“His retirement is well deserved and I wish him all the best with his future plans.”
Tim plans for retirement include working within the motorsport industry.
We thank Tim for his service and dedication and wish him luck in his retirement.