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Four year old child remains missing after suspected Thornton Heath gas blast

After a massive explosion destroyed a house in South London this morning, a mother sobbed in the street for her son (Monday, August 8). The boy’s bedroom was directly across the street from a house on Galpin’s Road in Thornton Heath that was “completely wiped out” by the blast. The search for a missing child continues

The boy was rescued, according to a 25-year-old female resident, and she believes he is “OK but injured.” She stated: “His mother was crying out on the street, ‘My boy, my boy.’ They took him to the hospital, and we’ve heard that he’s fine since.”

This resident also stated that a “little girl” and her father escaped from the destroyed house and that the mother in that house was rescued later. It is unknown whether anyone is still trapped under the rubble.



Three people have been rescued, according to the London Fire Brigade, and firefighters are still on the scene.

Images from the scene show the terraced house completely collapsing, with debris strewn across the street. Surrounding houses have been severely damaged as well, with windows, walls, and rooftops blown apart. The blast in the neighbouring home appears to have ripped open a child’s bedroom wall.

Since shortly after 7 a.m. this morning, six fire engines and approximately 40 firefighters have been battling the fire and explosion. Firefighters from Norbury, Mitcham, West Norwood, Woodside, and other nearby stations are on the scene.
According to one local, Transco was working outside the house yesterday morning.
The cause of the fire and explosion is unknown at this time.