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A body found in the English Channel off Calais

A body thought to be that of one of the missing migrants was discovered Friday afternoon off Calais (Pas-de-Calais).

An investigation has been opened to identify it and seek the causes of death, a spokesman for the maritime prefecture and the prosecution.

It’s understood that a fishing vessel, unfortunately, discovered the body in its nets off Calais.

The ship immediately reported this discovery to the Gris-Nez Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (CROSS)

at around 6.30 pm the maritime prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea said.

DNA samples will be taken

The Boulogne-sur-Mer prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation, entrusted to the maritime gendarmerie. “

This body has obviously been in the water for a very long time


An examination of the body must be carried out by a forensic doctor, in order to know whether the facts are criminal or not and to try to determine the possible causes


DNA samples will also be taken in order to identify the victim, of whom the spokesman added.

The discovery comes just over two weeks after the deadly sinking on November 24, which claimed the lives of 17 men, seven women, two teenagers and a child, en route to the English coast aboard a makeshift boat.

Since the end of 2018, illegal crossings of the Channel by migrants seeking to reach the United Kingdom have increased.

From January to 25 November 2021, the maritime prefecture recorded 1,281 events related to crossings to the UK by sea involving 33,083 people.

The French authorities rescued 8,284 castaways.

A total of 30 people died and 4 were missing.