Breaking Channel Dover KENT

The Ministry of Defence is expected to take charge of operations in the Channel within weeks

The Education Secretary says the Navy would be able to coordinate operations, allowing Border Force to concentrate on implementing the legislation of the Nationality & Borders Bill

The Prime Minister is planning to slow the flow of migrants into the UK by calling in the army and fly asylum seekers to a number of African countries, including Ghana and Rwanda, to process their applications there.

According to a report  this morning, Boris Johnson plans to give the Royal Navy ‘primacy’ over all government-run and owned vessels in the Channel later this month.

A rear admiral will reportedly be given the powers to oversee the Border Force, coastguard, fisheries protection and customs and excise to carry out surveillance or intercept migrants that attempt to cross the Channel.

Admiral Sir Antony Radakin, chief of the defence staff, is said to believe that the plans will ensure “no one gets to the UK on their own terms”, with migrants escorted to shore for processing in new “migrant hubs”, according to the report.