Breaking Eastchurch KENT

Eastchurch residents are warned to be vigilant after men claiming to be police officers are reported to have assaulted a pensioner in his own home before stealing a wallet and cash



At around 9.40pm on Tuesday 15 September 2020, two men knocked on the door of a house in First Avenue.


When one of the occupants, a man in his 80s, answered the door it is alleged they forced their way into the house falsely stating they were police officers.


They then took hold of the victim and searched him before leaving with his wallet and a quantity of cash.


The suspects are described as being 30 to 40 years old, of stocky build, around 5ft 8ins tall and with short dark hair. Both had English accents.


Detective Constable Kati Edge of the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad said: ‘While the victim was thankfully unharmed, this was an extremely distressing incident for the two residents. Investigators are completing enquiries to identify the suspects and we are appealing to anyone with information to contact us.


‘I would like to reassure anybody with concerns that police officers in plain clothes always carry a warrant card and will be happy to show their photograph identification if asked.’


Residents are reminded to take a number of simple precautions when answering the door to unexpected callers:


  • Lock back doors and windows before answering the front door.
  • Use a spyhole and chain and ask who they are before opening the door.
  • If you are not expecting a caller, and they can’t identify themselves, don’t let them in.
  • If in doubt, ask them to leave and come back at a more convenient time when a family member or friend can be with you.
  • Keep keys, cash and expensive items out of view.
  • Keep gates locked and boundaries secure.


Anyone with information is asked to call Kent Police on 01795 419119, quoting reference 15-1775.