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Illegal Immigrants At Napier Barracks set to be moved to hotels

Roughly 100 Illegal Immigrants will be moved to a hotel to make it easier to ‘social distance’ from one another. They will only be allowed to move if they test negative on a PCR test. They will then have to self-isolate for 10 days once transferred. Some will remain in a Folkestone hotel whilst the rest will be moved to alternative hotels. 

Folkestone & Hythe District Council released a statement on their website saying “The Home Office is responsible for Napier Barracks and in line with advice from Public Health England, the Home Office is temporarily moving a number of asylum seekers out from the Napier accommodation facility into self-isolation facilities, in order to allow others at Napier to self-isolate more easily.”

Napier Barracks has recently had a Covid-19 outbreak and many of the residents have either tested positive or refused to take a test. They have also been protesting about the ‘living conditions’ of the ex-military barracks.

Napier Illegals Stage Another Protest

The Napier Barracks site is being used to accommodate single, adult male illegal immigrants. These are people who have claimed asylum in the United Kingdom, and whose asylum claims are under consideration. They are not being detained and so are free to come and go but are expected to be on site overnight. 

The site has a security presence 24/7. The Home Office and Clearsprings Ready Homes control security. 

The Home Office is funding the operation of the site, which is designed to meet the basic needs of people claiming ‘asylum’. In addition, the Home Office will pay full Local Authority business rate charges, and a private nurse is provided. 

The MOD site is fully catered (three meals per day) options are provided which cater for special dietary, cultural or religious requirements and additional meals are provided as required. Additional support items such as toiletries are being provided, along with access to laundry facilities. 

Televisions are available on the site and wi-fi is also provided allowing for internet access. Mobile telephones are provided if ‘asylum seekers’ do not have one to ensure that contact can be made. 

The site has the capacity to house 431 illegal immigrants.