Breaking Folkestone KENT

Victims, witnesses and children attending #Folkestone Police Station are being helped by the proceeds of the staff tuck shop

Snacks and toiletries are being purchased to help victims and witnesses of crime who have to wait at the station while assisting the police.
More than £100 made from selling refreshments to officers during their shifts has been used to cover the cost of the supplies in the scheme’s first month, with further funding provided by Folkestone and Hythe District Council.
The items bought with the money are used to make sure those helping police are kept as comfortable as possible during the process and provide them with the opportunity to freshen up during any overnight visits.
Colouring books, pencils and toys have also been purchased for any children who have to wait at the station with adults.
Other items bought with the fund include fidget toys to assist those with anxiety and a multi-charger to prevent phones from running out of battery.
Folkestone and Hythe District Commander Chief Inspector Alice Ames said: ‘Kent Police puts victims at the heart of everything we do.
‘We always work to make sure the process of taking statements or gathering information from victims and witnesses is as quick and straightforward as possible, but occasionally those helping us have to wait at the station while enquiries are carried out.
‘This fund is a way of making sure that they and any children who need to attend with them have everything they need at what can sometimes be a difficult time.
‘I’m pleased the proceeds of the drinks and snack bars sold to officers during their shifts is being put to such good use.’