Breaking Gillingham KENT

A fine has been issued to residents who flouted Covid-19 regulations and held a house party in Gillingham




Kent Police was called to the property in St John’s Road on 6 December 2020 after it was reported that a group were inside a house.


Officers attended and found what appeared to be a party taking place. They spoke with the homeowners and explained their attendance and reminded them of the importance of following the latest Government guidance before a fine was issued.


Inspector Mat Burbeck of Medway’s Community Safety Unit said: ‘We have been called to this property several times now and the occupants have been given multiple warnings for breaching Covid-19 restrictions.


‘Large gatherings and the mixing of multiple households is not permitted at present and despite several warnings from officers the homeowner has continued to breach the rules.


‘We have engaged with them and explained the need to adhere to the Government’s restrictions, but they have ultimately chosen not to which has resulted in us issuing a fixed penalty notice of £200.


‘The regulations are there to protect not only individuals but also the wider community in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19. We will continue to monitor any breaches of the current legislation and should we need to take any further robust action we will do so.’