Breaking Herne Bay KENT

A stranded fishing boat has been pulled to safety by Kent Marine police officers

During a routine patrol of the coastline, the Search and Marine Unit became aware that an 18ft vessel had got into trouble near Herne Bay, between the harbour and the pier, at around 1pm on Saturday 14 August 2021.
Three men, who had embarked on a leisurely fishing trip, were aboard the boat when the engine broke down about a quarter of a mile away from the shore.
They had been stranded for around half an hour and were drifting away from the coast before the unit pulled alongside and attached a rope to the stricken vessel, which was then towed back to the harbour.
As part of wider work on the Herne Bay coast, the Marine Unit provided a visible presence to ensure the riders of personal watercraft were not engaging in anti-social behaviour or speeding.
Several riders were spoken to over the course of these patrols and all complied with instructions that were given by an officer.
The Special Constabulary also assisted with the work by scanning personal watercraft before they went out to sea. They were scanned to ensure they had not been stolen, with no new offences identified.