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Burglary near Maidstone streamed live to mobile phone

burglary near maidstone streamed live to mobile phone
burglary near maidstone streamed live to mobile phone

Video footage of a break-in including the sound of a window being smashed were relayed live to a victim’s mobile phone during a burglary near Maidstone. Jordan Boguslawski was unaware he was being watched as he broke into the empty property in Sandway last year and the 39-year-old has now been sentenced to almost four years in prison.

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Burglary Near Maidstone Streamed Live To Mobile Phone

The victim was away from home on 19 September 2019, when she received an alert from her security system. Images sent to her phone showed Boguslawski knock at the front door and then walk to the rear of the address. He ripped a camera from the wall, but it continued to record audio and the victim listened as he broke a kitchen window to gain entry. Once inside Boguslawski ransacked the property, stealing possessions including a safe, passports, electronic devices and jewellery, as well as more than £2,500 in cash.

A Kent Police investigation identified a suspicious car which had been seen in the area and checks revealed it was a hire vehicle leased to Boguslawski. The car was stopped on 21 September by police in the Surrey area and when searched a number of stolen items from the Sandway property were recovered, as well as clothing Boguslawsk had been seen wearing in the CCTV images. Stolen property was also seized from another burglary he had carried out earlier that day, this time in Hemel Hempstead.

Boguslawski, of Pretoria Road, Ilford, Essex was charged with two counts of burglary and pleaded guilty at Maidstone Crown Court. He was also convicted of four other burglary offences in other areas, including three in Surrey. On Friday 6 March 2020 Boguslawski was sentenced to a total of three years and 11 months’ imprisonment.

Detective Constable Kate Humpheryes of West Kent CID said: ‘Boguslawski is a prolific thief, who no doubt would have continued to cause misery to further victims had he not been caught. Evidence from the security cameras in this case has proved absolutely vital in identifying him as quickly as possible and ultimately securing a conviction. We remain absolutely determined to deter and arrest those who commit burglary crime, but it is also so important to remember that many break-ins are opportunistic and often preventable. Our message to residents and business owners alike is to remain vigilant. Always double lock doors and windows and if you have deterrent devices like CCTV ensure they are well-maintained, so they can capture as clear images as possible.’