Breaking KENT Maidstone

Kent Police Officers come under attack and are injured after  football yob  throw bottles and missiles in  Maidstone attack


Officers from Kent Police had to call in  Public order officers and Dog Handlers after throwing the town into lockdown. Drunken yobs attacked Police after England lost at Wembley. Trouble broke out with many a  group of people wanting to vent their upset on officers by attacking them with bottles and missiles. Flares were also fired off narrowly missing officers. At one point door staff had to step in and help Police keep the line.


Police Dogs were deployed to the street for a short period to gain order. A number of arrested were also made after officers were attacked.

A number of men were also treated after being knocked out from punches.  One man could be seen exposing himself to officers with other shouting threats of violence toward those trying to keep others safe from harm.



Bottles and missiles were thrown at police by the ‘hostile’ crowd just after 11 pm on Sunday night.


Officers were seen running towards a group with one man carried off by police before a projectile were chucked at them.  Other grown men then trying to attack officers protecting those trying to carry out arrests.


A number of officers were also injured from missiles thrown from the crowd and one officer fell.


Kent Police have been approached for further comment of arrests and injuries.