Breaking KENT Maidstone MEDWAY Yaling

Water safety was top of the agenda when officers from Maidstone’s Community Safety Unit spent a day patrolling parts of the River Medway

Supported by colleagues from the Environment Agency and Kent Police’s Search and Marine Unit, the team engaged with boat owners and other members of the public in Yalding, Teston and East Farleigh on Wednesday 11 August 2021.
As well as reminding people of the dangers of swimming in the river and moving on a group of young people who were doing so at East Farleigh lock, the officers and PCSOs were also there to provide a visible policing presence following recent reports of antisocial behaviour.
PC Paul Hughes said: ‘Warm weather attracts people to riverside locations, where a minority of people can, unfortunately, drink to excess and behave in a way that causes a nuisance to other members of the public. The heat can also lead to some people choosing to go for a swim in the river, which is dangerous for a number of reasons and can potentially end in tragedy.
‘We will be repeating this operation again whilst the warm weather remains to ensure the safety of everyone who visits the riverside.’