Breaking KENT Maidstone

Officers who saved a man’s life after he had been stabbed, members of the public who detained a knife wielding thief and an off duty officer who provided first aid to a man who had collapsed in the street are just some of the people who were honoured at the Chief Constable’s Awards Ceremony.

The event was held on Tuesday 22 March 2022 at the Kent Police training college and 11 officers and staff also received long service awards in recognition of their commitment and dedication to Kent Police. Serious assault in Maidstone On 3 July 2021, PC Matthew Smart and PC Matthew Murray were on patrol in Maidstone when they were flagged down by a crowd on Lower Stone Street. They were directed towards a man lying on the floor who had been stabbed several times and began first aid, along with trying to deal with a large crowd of people that had gathered. Sergeant Steven Tuncliffe, a trained Police Medic joined them a short while later and all three treated the victim’s injuries for another 15 minutes until the ambulance service arrived and took over. The victim survived and three men are due to be sentenced for their part in the incident. They received a commendation. Robbery in Northfleet In July 2019, a man tried to steal alcohol from a shop in Northfleet, but the manager of the store, Harry Goraya, his shopworker son Jaspal Goraya and a member of the public challenged him, and despite him pulling a knife on them they still pursued the offender after he stole a bike and tried to escape. They caught the offender and tackled him to the floor, and along with other members of the public who came to their help were able to detain him until the police arrived. He was arrested and charged. They were presented with a National Police Public Bravery award. Man collapsed in Dover In January 2021, a man collapsed in the road in Dover He was seen by off duty PCSO Carl Brett, two off duty Border Force officers Hayley Ions and Sarah Parker, and members of the public Daniel Sandy and Glenn Emery. All five of them worked together to provide CPR. Mr Sandy was able to get a defibrillator from his work van and for more than 40 minutes they worked on the man before the ambulance crew arrived and took over. They were presented with a Royal Humane Society Award. Chief Constable Alan Pughsley said: ‘It is an honour to be able to commend those who go above and beyond the call of duty to help others. The professionalism, quick thinking and bravery of those receiving awards is truly exceptional ‘Every day officers put themselves in danger to protect and support some of the most vulnerable members of our community. ‘Each award is fully deserved, and it was a pleasure to present these remarkable people with their commendations.’