Breaking KENT Sevenoaks

Homeowners are reminded of advice to deter aggressive door-to-door sellers following concerns raised by residents in the Sevenoaks area


The sellers, sometimes referred to as ‘Nottingham Knockers’ often travel from out of the county and offer items for sale such as dishcloths and other cleaning materials. Over the past week Kent Police has received a number of complaints concerning incidents in the town, as well as in nearby areas including Chipstead, Seal and Dunton Green. Residents have reported that when they declined to buy items the seller has sometimes become confrontational and verbally abusive, before leaving.


Sevenoaks crime prevention officer, PCSO Lisa Kindell-Beaton, said: ‘While some people who canvass door-to-door are genuine, we always advise residents to be cautious about who they open their door to. Remember, if you are unsure who is knocking at your door you don’t need to open it. If you do answer the call, close the door and use the door chain if you have one. If they are genuine callers, they will not mind you doing this.


‘Callers should – at the very least – produce proof of identification which can be traced. Check their credentials, including a permanent business address and landline telephone number. Mobile phone numbers given on business cards are often pay-as-you-go which are difficult to trace.’