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School bus ploughs into scaffolding on Sheerness

school bus ploughs into scaffolding on sheerness 1
school bus ploughs into scaffolding on sheerness 1

A school coach has crashed into scaffolding in Sheerness town centre this afternoon.

The coach operated by Travel master had children onboard at the time as it attempted to turn left off the A250 in the town on to St George.

The single deck coach clipped the overhanging scaffolding that had been installed hours earlier.

School Bus Ploughs Into Scaffolding On Sheerness

Four children onboard the bus are understood to have escaped without injury.

More that can be said for the scaffolding that now at risk of collapsing and the structural damage to property.

One resident who asked not to be named said It was only a matter of time before someone crashed into it.
An other said to be fair to to the coach driver I was watching them put that scaffolding up and I knew just from looking at it the the last 3 poles were going to be a problem for the buses and coaches I have been waiting all day for this to happen.

The people who installed have put them to far out for a road that is used by buses and coaches

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