Breaking KENT Sittingbourne

Mindless fly tippers put public at risk by fly tipping asbestos in Sittingbourne

More flytipping along Iwade Road, this time the scumbags have scattered it over a stretch over about half a mile of hazardous asbestos tiles. Fly-tippers who left a load of asbestos roof tiles will be pursued for their ‘dangerous and anti-social action’, Kent County Council has warned.

The substantial dump of tiles and facia boards contain white asbestos fibres and a cordon is now in the process of being placed around the material after it was discovered. A specialist team have to need to be deployed to remove the asbestos in an operation that will cost council taxpayers.


The public is being asked to look closely at the picture of the debris to see whether they can recognise where it might have come from.

Are there any houses or buildings near you that have been refurbished lately that might have had these tiles on them?

If you recognise them contact the council. These people need to be found. To find who did this and make sure they answer for their actions.


Chrysotile asbestos is the most common form of asbestos and considered less dangerous than other types. However, most authorities still consider it hazardous to humans.